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Membership in the Century Club is $130 for 2019. Yes, that’s a lot more than your typical Democratic club. But we are not your typical Democratic club.

  • No other club contributes nearly $20,000 annually to support the Santa Clara County Party Headquarters on Moorpark Avenue and party building efforts countywide.
  • No other club offers sponsored memberships and invaluable educational opportunities for Young Democrats.
  • No other club hosts a monthly luncheon featuring high-caliber speakers on high-interest topics featuring high-quality food and service.

We do our best to keep the cost of luncheons low for our current members, which is why they pay $30 — and so do their guests. Non-members can still eat with us, but it’ll cost you $35.

If you add it up, membership could save you $60 over a year’s worth of lunches. Not a bad deal for helping to promote Democratic values in Santa Clara County!

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Please note: Our Board of Directors has approved an increase in annual dues to $125 beginning January 1, 2018. Dues will increase at a rate of $5 per year thereafter (e.g. $130 for 2019) in order to keep pace with the cost of running successful political campaigns.

The Democratic 21st Century Club of Santa Clara County is a registered Political Action Committee, FPPC #1314982. Contributions to the D21stCC are not deductible for tax purposes.

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