We're honored to have members from across the wide spectrum of interests and backgrounds represented by the Democratic Party in Santa Clara County and beyond — including Members of Congress, state legislators, and local city/county leaders. Membership runs on a calendar year cycle, from January-December.

Our 2020 Members

[Last updated August 17, 2020]

Current & Former Elected Officials
Betsy Bechtel, Former Trustee, Foothill DeAnza Community College District
Frank Biehl, Trustee, Mt. Pleasant School District
Larry Carr, Morgan Hill City Council
Laura Casas, Foothill DeAnza Community College District
David Cohen, Trustee, Berryessa Union School District
Alison Cormack, Palo Alto City Council
Dave Cortese, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
Anna Eshoo, U.S. House of Representatives
Pam Foley, San José City Council
Adrienne Grey, Trustee, West Valley-Mission Community College District
Anjali Kausar, Former Cupertino Union School District Trustee
Liz Kniss, Palo Alto City Council
Gary Kremen, Santa Clara Valley Water District Director
Rob Rennie, Los Gatos Town Council
Pat Showalter, Former Mountain View City Councilmember
Joe Simitian, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
John Weed, Director, Alameda County Water District
Ellen Wheeler, Mountain View-Whisman School District
Forrest Williams, Former San José City Councilmember

Members At-Large
Richard Alexander
Janice Allen
Brenda Baker
Robert Bettencourt
Tim Blackwood
Anne & Kent Bossange
Gayle Brugler
Hal Chase
Dr. Terry Christensen
Art Cohen
Jean Cohen
Barbara Comiskey
John Comiskey
Tony Delas
Craig Dunkerley
David Duperrault
Dave Eakin
Swanee Edwards
Herb Engstrom
Carol Garvey
Susan Germeraad
Alan Giberson
Meg Giberson
Paul Gilbert
David Ginsborg
Jon Graff
Rebecca Haggerty
Jenny Higgins-Bradanini
Lorri Holzberg
Tib Hotson
Mary Hughes
Gerry Hunt
Mary Idso
Bill James
Duane Jones
Carol Kaye
Deanna LaTorre
Lisa Liddle
Ron Lind
Carol Miller
Brian O'Neill
Danice & Tom Picraux
Judy Pipkin
Steve Preminger
Tom Pyke
Fred Rehhausser
Judy Rickard
Barbara Rieder
Anne Rosenzweig
Bill Roth
Algis & Joanne Rudinskas
Lillian Scoyen
Alice Smith
Jason Spitzer
Marie Stephens
Ben & Elinor Stetson
Kathleen Thomas
Emy Thurber
Stephanie Tramz
Terry Trumbull
Jackie & Ralph Wheeler
Dorothy & Forrest Williams
Diana Wirt
Wilma Wool

Emeritus (in Memoriam)
Jack Allen
Peter J. Allen
Madge Overhouse
Aldyth Parle
Jim Thurber
Phyllis Ward